What will your end users do?

Will your users click on emailed links? What do they do when faced with legitimate looking websites? Are their browsers and plugins updated? Without a cyber security awareness test, this data is absent so your risk level is unknown, but that data is waiting to be collected. Jellyphish provides a great service that helps you determine where your risk lies, and the efficacy of classroom training.

Classroom training should be the last resort!

Classroom training has its limits, not least the fact that the techniques taught can be difficult to implement in a user's normal workflow. Instead, train on the job. Send phishing emails that appear in their inbox, and start teaching them how to react with actual phishing mails. Twitter regularly phishes its employees, and you can too (not phish Twitter, that is, but your own employees!) Bonus: after multiple campaigns you'll have a list of repeat victims who are in need to additional interventions, and the rest of the users don't need to attend classroom training.

Jellyphish has increased our awareness regarding cyber security and given us a great idea about where we stand in todays cyber landscape.


Choose the package that works best for you.

    (£1 / contact)
  • £3,000p/a
  • 20-1000 End Users

    • Basic Infrastructure Test
    • IV-Phish
    • Campaign Report
    • Quarterly Tests

Most Popular
    (£1.25 / lead)
  • £7,000p/a
  • Up to 20000 End Users

    • Complex Infrastructure Test
    • VI-Phish
    • Expertly written email sequence
    • 2 follow up emails to each contact per month
    • A/B split testing
    • Company Liason

    (£1 / lead)
  • £10,000p/a
  • 50000+ End Users

    • Robust Infrastructure Test
    • Expertly written email sequence
    • Unlimited follow up emails to each contact per month
    • A/B/C split testing
    • Company Liason
    • Quarterly

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I'm the founder of the cyber security firm Jellyphish. I've been involved in Cyber Security for over 5 years, finding out ways around systems is something I love doing for fun. Over time, I discovered that this could actually become a career. That's how I found penetration testing. Now the focus of Jellyphish is to spread knowledge I have gathered over time and make the internet a better place by offering Cyber Security Awareness Training.

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